Droylsden Pest Control

Droylsden Pest Control – Rats, Mice & Fleas Fixed Price Treatment

Droylsden pest control is always a large part of my workload. Together with Audenshaw pest control the areas keep me busy with enquiries for rats and mice infestation and flea treatment.

I offer a speedy service, so if you are suffering with a Droylsden pest control problem or an Audenshaw pest control problem give me a call on 07940 062670. I can usually be with you within the hour.

Droylsden pest control problems mainly consist of rodent control, flea treatment, ant treatment and wasps nest call outs. Rats are always a problem and most of my commercial contracts involve vermin control, especially in food production and fast food outlets. Thankfully my clients in all areas of Tameside appreciate the need for fast, professional rodent control. Their business depends on a speedy pest control service, which I provide.

This is an image of a rat in Droylsden pest control.Identifying the source of the problem is essential in Droylsden pest control, Audenshaw pest control or any other area for that matter. If the source cannot be identified, then eliminating the food supply is the next priority. Rats also need water, so it is advisable to make sure there is no easily available water, such as a dripping tap for example. Unlike mice, rats cannot survive without a regular water supply.

It is likely that a fault in the structure of your property has allowed the rats access. You should check for broken air bricks in external walls or holes in the brickwork. If you have had a new sink or toilet installed check the waste and soil pipes are properly sealed where they exit the exterior. I recently had a Droylsden pest control call where a plumber had not sealed the exit of a waste pipe. This resulted in rats gaining access, much to the chagrin of the householder, who no doubt had a strong word with the plumber!

If you have a problem with Droylsden pest control or Audenshaw pest control give me a call on 07940 062670. I can provide a fast solution. I also provide rat and mice control, flea and ant treatments and other pest control services in the Ashton-under-Lyne, Audenshaw, Denton, Droylsden, Dukinfield, Hyde, Longdendale, Mossley and Stalybridge areas of Tameside as well as Glossop and Saddleworth.