Rats in the Loft

Rats in the Loft – scratching noise at night

Have you ever heard scratching sounds in your roofspace at night? It could well be rats in your loft.

During the winter months as the weather goes cold, rats look for ways to get inside properties for warmth and shelter. Finding their way in through cavities and small holes in brickwork, they reach the loft and settle where there is plenty of cosy insulation to use as nesting material, mainly moving around at night while the rest of the house is quiet.

Rodents in the roof space pose a particularly dangerous hazard. Rats breed fast quickly, and aside from the health risk with the serious diseases they carry, there is another danger which makes it very important to contact an expert when you suspect you might have an infestation.

Rats in loft

Rats can gnaw their way though most things in your roofspace, including cables for the house electrical wiring. When these are chewed it can create a fire hazard.

If you decide to inspect suspected rats in your loft yourself when you suspect there are rats, take care. Rats can carry life threatening diseases. The usual signs you have an infestation are droppings and the smell of urine.

Abate Pest Control are trained experts at dealing with rats in your roofspace and can usually visit to inspect your property the same day. Please give me a call on 07940 062670

Pest Control In Saddleworth

Pest Control In Saddleworth – Ants & Wasp Nests Problems Solved

I have been involved with pest control in Saddleworth for many years and recently I had an influx of calls from people who had a wasps nest problem. I was called out to three domestic properties where the wasp nests were all in the roof space. Wasps will find entry into the tiniest of spaces, that’s why it is important to make sure all potential entry points are sealed. If you have a Saddleworth wasps nest problem give me a call on 07940 062670 I can be with you within the hour.

This is an image of ants, a pest control in Saddleworth problem recently solved by Abate Pest Control Services.The first pest control in Saddleworth problem I attended was in Denshaw, where the lady of the house was really distressed at finding the need to call out a pest control technician. However, she was soon placated when I assured her that my vehicle wasn’t sign written and the wasps nest problem could be easily dealt with. After this first pest control problem in Saddleworth I had to divert to an ant control problem in Royton, Oldham.

The householder telephoned to say that he had found ants inside his fridge and in his kitchen cupboards. The fridge had a faulty door seal which meant that the ants, looking for high protein and sugary food, had found an easy source. They were gaining entry to the kitchen via the new sink waste pipe that had been fitted but not pointed on the external wall, or plastered on the internal wall, leaving quite a visible entry point. I would image his plumber would be getting an ear bashing later.

Next it was back to the other two problems with pest control in Saddleworth and quickly dealing with the wasp nests there. It was proving to be another busy week with pest control problems in Tameside, Oldham and Glossop. Perhaps the funniest call out for pest control was in Hyde, Tameside where I investigated a roof space noise. The tenant had apparently asked his landlord to sort out the problem and frustrated at his inaction, had finally called me to investigate the roof space noise.

Suspecting rats, mice, birds or even squirrels it turned out to be heat expansion noises due to the current hot weather. If you have a pest control problem in Saddleworth, Tameside, Oldham, Glossop, Stockport or Manchester give me a call on 07940 062670. I offer a speedy, affordable service and your pest or infestation problem will soon be solved.